PTFE Anti-dripping Agent FD3150

2019-03-22 10:44:37 


Color:White or light yellow free-flo
Quality:One year
Document :
Synopsis:Apply to many kinds of thermoplastic compound formula, including PBT, ABS, PC, PC/ABS HIPS, PA and alloys

LANPOLYTM FD 3150 is series of chemically modified PTFE. By addition it into thermoplastic compound formula, the plastics will have enhanced anti-dripping property to meet UL V0 and V1 standard. At one time, CTI will be enhanced in special material. It is a kind of flame retardant synergistic agent and can be coordinated with various FR, including P, Br, Si, F, Sulfonate, N etc.

Compared with pure PTFE, FD3150 has excellent dispersity and easy handling features.


Apply to many kinds of thermoplastic compound formula, including PBT, ABS, PC, PC/ABS HIPS, PA and alloys, details are as follow:

PBT (0.2-0.5%), upgrade the flame retardant rating and CTI;

ABS (0.1-0.2%), reduce the amount of bromide (Br) and antimony (Sb) in flame retardant system, improve impact strength;

PC (0.1-0.5%), prevent dripping, upgrade the flame retardant rating;

PC/ABS (0.2-0.3%), compound with BDP/RDP, prevent dripping, upgrade the flame retardant rating;

HIPS (0.2-0.3%), prevent dripping, upgrade the flame retardant rating;

PA (0.2-0.3%), prevent dripping, upgrade the flame retardant rating;

PE/PP (0.2-0.5%), prevent dripping, upgrade the flame retardant rating.

Physical Property 

PTFE Content



Moisture Content



Styrene Content



Acrylonitrile Content



This grade is free from pollution and an environment-friendly product.

Processing Guide

Add directly, granulated by twin-screw extruder.